We help you comply with the regulations

Food Labeling

For food producers in Chile, it is mandatory to comply with the Food Sanitary Regulations and the Nutrition Labeling Law.

We are working to expand our automated labeling system to other countries.

Through our FOOD LABELING solution, we help you comply with the regulations of the food you make and we provide you with the necessary alerts in the event that you want to reformulate before labeling or launching your product.

You can choose our automated system or have the guidance of a nutrition labeling specialist, dietitian or food engineer.

Our automated nutrition labeling system is based on databases recognized worldwide by health authorities for the calculation of nutrition labeling.

You just have to enter your formulation or recipe and easily obtain the nutritional information.

You will be able to know the nutrients that your food contains and make a change in your formula in a timely manner if you want to create healthier ones or with some specific purpose.

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